Monday, May 2, 2011

Use PIXreziser to simple adjust the size on images for web and sharing

Today camers capture high-quality, big-sized pictures. It's great, but can be a problem when uploading to the web, or sharing pictures. PIXreziser is the sollution.

PIXreziser is a free and simple program used to rezise, one, or more pictures to a smaller size, in pixels and in filesize. It makes it much faster and easier to share or upload pictures. Plus the program has all the functions you need.

Download PIXreziser

Backflip on Trampoline Tutorial

To do the backflip on the trampoline is often one of the biggest challenges for some, and after you mange to do it, you really start to learn alot of new tricks.

But to do the first backflip can be really hard for some. I will give you some tips on how to do it.

To do a backflip on a trampoline, you should be able to do a proberly frontflip, and have some flexibility. 

1. Fear
The main reason people cannot do a backflip is the fear. You feel scared for failing, and it really sucks on the first attemps. A way to avoid the fear is to consentrate, and make yourself feel safe. You must focus on the movements, and you must tell yourself it's gonna work.

2. Height
The more height you get, the more time and space you have in the air. In the beginning, start jumping in the middle of the trampoline, and jump high. Make sure you don't waste your height right before the backflip, this is a common mistake. 

3. The air-kicks
The movement of the backflip is not powered by jumping backwards. You should jump straight up. You can use your legs, and your hands to power yourself around in the beginning. The first backflips you should attempt are the air-kicks. A kick in the air can drag you alot around, so start to by jumping up, and use one of your legs to kick up and behind you. Your body will follow the leg around, you will actually do a backflip. This is also a great way to feel safer about the flip. When your head has passed 180 degrees, you are sure you wont land on your neck.

4. Tugging
When you feel safer about the backflip, and manage the footkick, you can start on the next method. Jump high, and jump straight up, NOT BACKWARDS. Lean backwards in the air, and tug your arms over your head, and tugg your legs upwards. It should give you enough power, and you will go around.

5. Leaning
The more safe you get, the easier it is to do the backflip. Eventually, you can just lean backwards and do a smooth backflip.

Remember, always be careful. If you're not sure you cannot do it, dont. 

A video is alot in help to.
The backyard ninjas Backflip Torturial can be for alot of help to. 

Playing Minecraft while listening to Audiobook

" Listen and create "

Minecraft is a creative game where you go around in a brick world, build and create whatever you like. Keep exploring and use your imaginations to build things. I am really fond of this game, especially when im bored.

But to spice up the game, include it with listening to an audiobook. This way your can double your creativity, and its an great combo to not get bored. Build, and hear a good book at the same time.

Download on Minecraft Homesite

or if you're one of the cheap guys:

Download Torrent 

If you're new to minecraft, you should start with This Torturial video , and Minecraft Wiki will be useful.


Easy way to stable Paper without making a mess

This is a very random trick, but it's easy to get a pile of paper looking like this:

So the simple way to avoid this is by putting the papers from categories in group by theirself, and they stack the groups sideways upon each other, like this:

Empty soda-can to hide stuff

Cans for soda, and other drinks are very normal everyday items. They can very easily be unoticed, and can be a great place to store and hide items. 

There are many ways to do it, but you basicly cut loose the top or bottom, and put stuff inside it. There are even guides on how you can put a jam-jar inside to screw the cap back on.

Can with Jam-Jar Guide 

I made very simple one with an empty redbull.

Use a can-opener and carefully cutted the upper edge on the can, and take it of.
2. Glu a heavy item under the top ( for example: a stone), and glue the taps back in place to make it look unopened.
3. Put the top back on.

Fake wallet in case of beeing robbed?

I watched an episode of HIMYM yesterday, and someone got robbed. It made me thinking.

What if you once walked trought a park or something, and someone pointed a gun at you and told you to give him your money. In that situation you probably should do it, but why give them them your actual wallet?

They probably run away as soon as you give them your wallet, so what if you kept a cheap empty wallet in your jacket, and if you get mugged, you hand them that wallet.

Could maybe work.. ?

Someone has for sure already thought of this, but it can be an idea to keep in mind.

How to Password Protect your files on Windows

Password protecting files can always come in handy, if it's to secure files, or to hide your private files.

Windows have for some reason no built in function for this, but there are some simple sollutions.

Method 1: - Mircosoft Private Folder
This is a microsoft sofware, simple based on a folder you can open and store files in, then lock it. Very simple. It is a little bit slow in adding the files, but works great othervise. 

Download Microsoft Private Folder

Method 2: - Private Folder from Pismo
This is my favourite. It's a program from Pismo, that make a very simple and accurate .pfo file which you can add you files, then lock. Just right click, add new Private folder, and you're good to go. It can also be put on a memroy stick, or uploaded to the internet, and then you can acess in on another PC that has Pismon installed.

I also got an youtube video about this:

Watch How To Password Protect files with .pfo folders Youtube 

Download Pismon Private Folder

Method 3: - Using WinRAR

This is a little hard method, but It works fine too. When you're about to make an WinRAR archive, you can set it to password-protect the files.

How To Password Protect files using WinRAR Youtube 

Download WinRAR 

Norway - How is the Landscape and Nature?

I live in Norway, and I don't know how people expect the landscape to be. Some think it's a wonderful country with lots of fjords, some think there is lots of snow and freezing cold.

I made this video some time ago, with some of the pictures ive taken.  It's mostly the mountain landscape, but I think its the best way to show the "real" Norwegian landscape. 

Watch on Youtube

How a Infinity mirror works! Amazing Optical llusion!

Have you ever head about an Infinty Mirror before?

It looks like these:

It's basicly a thin surfared box that looks like it goes much deeper than it actually does. It has a very cool illusion, and it is very simple built up.

It i has window tint on the top, so the reflective side is facing away from you, you watch trough the visible side. Under that, there are placed some lights, like LEDs, and under there, on the bottom, you have a nomral mirror. This makes an infinite reflective illusion.

It is very simple to build one yourself, and there are many of the on youtube.

Here is a simple on:

Watch Brusspup Infinity Mirror

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How To Charge Apple Products with Incompitable USB-Chargers

Apple has made it so that their newest products only will accept to charge from Apples expendsive charges ONLY.  I don't want to pay a bunch for a charger from apple, so I found a very simple way to charge with a normal cheap USB charger.

First of, an iPod charges from USB. The USB-cable has 4 wires inside it, the Red and Black are for the 5 VDC power, and the Green and White are for the data signals.

The charging itself goes from the Red and Black pins, but the newer Apple products wont accept charging without signal from the Data-pins.

Apple chargers has this signal, but cheaper USB-chargers don't.

Please note that this may not work 100%, so do it at own risk. If you waste any material, its your problem.

I took an old USB-cable with an Male and Female end. I cut the wires up, and sizzled the two Data wires together on the Female side. 

Then i pluged the modified USB-cable into the cheap USB-charger, and then the Apple-cable in that again, and it accepted and started charging.

I think what happends in that the iPod itself sends power trought the data-pins, and it lures it to charge. 

I also got an video showing this.

Watch on Youtube

Fast Typer - Train your speedtyping!

I stumbled across this hillarious little flash game. It's basicle just about typing as many 5 letters word as fast as you can during one minute. It's harder than it seems, but still very entertaining.

Give it a go, and compete with your friends to see who is the Champion of Speedtyping.

Play Fast Typer

How To Verify a non-payment iTunes Apple Store Account

Many people, also me, has been in the situation where they created an None-payment iTunes Store Account, but they couldnt get it Verifyed. There is however a VERY simple fix to this.

When you create an account like this, you will come to the opition where you have to choose a way for payment. There is possible to choose "None".

The problem comes later, when you are going to Verify the account from the email link. Many people are not able to do that, and here is the fix.

I sent Apple an email about this issue, and they explained the issue.
 Apple requires that you provide the following for security reasons:

- The billing address listed on the account
- Your permission to complete the verification process for your iTunes Store account

This basicly means you have to add an Shipping Adress to your iTunes store account.

1. Go to the Apple ID website and login to your ID.

2. Go to the Adresses section, and put in a Default shipping adress.

 3. Now save, and try to Verify with the link in the email. It should now work.


Ive also got an video explaining this. 

Watch it Here ( Youtube) 


How To Play Subtitle-files along with a Videofile

Whenever you have downloaded a movie, or a TV-series episode, it usually dont come along with subtitles. This can be a little bit annoying for some, but there is a very easy way to add subtitles.

1. The first thing you need is a plugin for Windows that allows you to actually play the subtitles you get with your video. Its called Vobsub, its 100% free, small and you can Download it Here

2. After you got Vobsub installed, locate the uploader of the videofile you want the subtitle for. When you have downloaded a movie, or an episode, the uploader usually has a nickname. Fint that nickname. Its placed after the Title, year, and format.

3. This is why you need the nickname. Many different uploaders can have added the same movie, and they are different in lenght. The subtitle must match the correct uploader, or else it wont be syncronized. So now that you got your nickname, its time to find the subtitles for it. There are many webpages that you can locate subtitles on. I would recommend using

 Search for your movie, and then find the correct uploader version, in your language. ( Note that there are mostly english and arbabian subtitles, so you can expect to find your preferred language all the time.) 

4. Now that you downloaded your subtitles, (.srt, .sub or any filetype like that), its time to play it along with your video. In order to do that, you must take the subtitle file you downloaded, and put it in the same folder as the video file. Then rename the files, to that they both have the same name, and then open the video file in any mediaplayer.

The Vobsub icon will appear on the taskbar when its active. If it don't appear, you have done something wrong. 

I also got an youtube video explaing this.

Watch it Here