Monday, May 2, 2011

Backflip on Trampoline Tutorial

To do the backflip on the trampoline is often one of the biggest challenges for some, and after you mange to do it, you really start to learn alot of new tricks.

But to do the first backflip can be really hard for some. I will give you some tips on how to do it.

To do a backflip on a trampoline, you should be able to do a proberly frontflip, and have some flexibility. 

1. Fear
The main reason people cannot do a backflip is the fear. You feel scared for failing, and it really sucks on the first attemps. A way to avoid the fear is to consentrate, and make yourself feel safe. You must focus on the movements, and you must tell yourself it's gonna work.

2. Height
The more height you get, the more time and space you have in the air. In the beginning, start jumping in the middle of the trampoline, and jump high. Make sure you don't waste your height right before the backflip, this is a common mistake. 

3. The air-kicks
The movement of the backflip is not powered by jumping backwards. You should jump straight up. You can use your legs, and your hands to power yourself around in the beginning. The first backflips you should attempt are the air-kicks. A kick in the air can drag you alot around, so start to by jumping up, and use one of your legs to kick up and behind you. Your body will follow the leg around, you will actually do a backflip. This is also a great way to feel safer about the flip. When your head has passed 180 degrees, you are sure you wont land on your neck.

4. Tugging
When you feel safer about the backflip, and manage the footkick, you can start on the next method. Jump high, and jump straight up, NOT BACKWARDS. Lean backwards in the air, and tug your arms over your head, and tugg your legs upwards. It should give you enough power, and you will go around.

5. Leaning
The more safe you get, the easier it is to do the backflip. Eventually, you can just lean backwards and do a smooth backflip.

Remember, always be careful. If you're not sure you cannot do it, dont. 

A video is alot in help to.
The backyard ninjas Backflip Torturial can be for alot of help to. 

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