Monday, May 2, 2011

How to Password Protect your files on Windows

Password protecting files can always come in handy, if it's to secure files, or to hide your private files.

Windows have for some reason no built in function for this, but there are some simple sollutions.

Method 1: - Mircosoft Private Folder
This is a microsoft sofware, simple based on a folder you can open and store files in, then lock it. Very simple. It is a little bit slow in adding the files, but works great othervise. 

Download Microsoft Private Folder

Method 2: - Private Folder from Pismo
This is my favourite. It's a program from Pismo, that make a very simple and accurate .pfo file which you can add you files, then lock. Just right click, add new Private folder, and you're good to go. It can also be put on a memroy stick, or uploaded to the internet, and then you can acess in on another PC that has Pismon installed.

I also got an youtube video about this:

Watch How To Password Protect files with .pfo folders Youtube 

Download Pismon Private Folder

Method 3: - Using WinRAR

This is a little hard method, but It works fine too. When you're about to make an WinRAR archive, you can set it to password-protect the files.

How To Password Protect files using WinRAR Youtube 

Download WinRAR 

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