Saturday, April 30, 2011

(Trampoline) 180 Frontflip - Easy and impressive

180 Frontflip? 

For those of you who has a little bit of trampoline experience, its time to learn the 180 Frontflip. It's not a hard trick to perform, yet it looks very impressive. This is also the step into doing more screws and twists in the air.

You should be able to do a properly Frontflip with landing before you try this.

The 180 Frontflip is pretty much like a normal frontflip, just that you turn 180 degrees and lands the other way.
In the air, you must do a twist, so that you turn over.

1. Jump high, and start a normal frontflip. Use your arms, and feet to tugg yourself around for extra speed.

2. When your head points to the ground, (when you're upside down), twist your body to one side. Remember to aim for one specific side. You can twist your hip, or use your arms to tugg your to one side. Let the movement follow the rest of your body.

 3. Put strenght in your body. Dont loosen up, or you will get a weird twist in the air and land wrong. You must let your body to follow the twist, and you must think that you are going to land, dont think you're gonna fail.  Then you land.

A video explains this very good. I used the Backyard ninjas video when I learned this. Take a look at it too: Watch their video ( Youtube)

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